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Are you sweating it out at home because your AC decided to call it quits? Folkes Home Services is a breath of fresh air in times like these. We can help if your cooling unit needs a check-up. And if you decide to upgrade to a new system, we have you covered there as well.

When Is Getting a New System The Right Call?

Customers sometimes can’t decide if they should repair a system or get a new one. AC maintenance can extend the life of your unit. But repair costs add up over time. It’s possible you’ll end up paying more in repair costs than you would’ve paid for a new unit.

A new system is possibly the best choice when:

1. The unit isn’t doing a good job of cooling your home.

2. The unit requires frequent repairs.

3. The necessary repair exceeds the value of your system.

4. You’ve had the unit for at least 15 years or more.

Newer air conditioners offer benefits you won’t find in older models. A model that was new just 10 years ago is probably already outdated. It’s likely a more recent model will offer more energy-saving features and provide more comfort.

Some benefits of upgrading include:

1. Access to zoned cooling and smart thermostats

2. Reduced monthly energy bills

3. Federal tax incentives and rebates

4. Smaller carbon footprint

The cost of upgrading saves you money in the long run. You’ll see that the upgrade pays for itself via the energy savings you receive.

Contact our company today to arrange a consultation. We’ll help you find the perfect solution to fulfill your cooling needs.



Your Trusted AC Maintenance Contractors Near You

Finding a cooling system company in today’s market isn’t difficult because there are numerous options. However, finding a reliable and experienced expert is challenging. Most AC companies cannot match the level of commitment and experience our team has.

Clients prefer our cooling system services because:

1. Our team shows unmatched respect for your home by cleaning up after a service.

2. We provide exceptional cooling system maintenance services and solid guarantees.

3. During a service, we take the time to explain to you the process. We also answer any questions you have regarding your new system to ensure you understand how to use and maintain it in the long run.

4. We uphold integrity in all our services. Hence, we won’t recommend a product or service to you when you don’t need it.

5. Our team of trusted comfort specialists is highly skilled and trained to perform any cooling system maintenance tasks. No matter the challenge, we can restore your system and your home comfort. Additionally, our technicians undergo drug testing and background checks to ensure they are the right fit.




Need Air Conditioner Installation or Maintenance Services? Call Our Team!

An HVAC installation or maintenance job done well for optimally working AC is everyone’s dream. Deciding to upgrade your AC is not a walk in the park and requires some professional guidance. With us, we assure you we will give helpful information and services for your cooling system.

When scheduling your next service appointment, consider counting on us to give a top-notch solution to your system’s unique needs. You can do this by calling us directly or contacting us online.



William Quentin, says:

"Our assigned technician, Noah Diaz, was prompt, courteous and presented Folkes in a professional manner. He explained our repair in detail, and left nothing to question, even the fair value of what we needed repaired. I would highly recommend Noah’s services to any existing and new customers. Folkes should be proud to have him on their team, which included all other personnel that we dealt with during this call, and in past services provided. Thank you! "

Marcia Tanzman, says:

"I recommend Folkes and they did a great job replacing my air conditioner . 4 stars is a high rating in my way of thinking. Diego honestly gets five stars from me. He was able to solve a problem with our thermostats and he incidentally noticed there was a problem with our oil burner which we had emergency service on that day. "

James Cosgrove, says:

"prompt & professional "