Air Conditioning Maintenance


Air Conditioning Maintenance

Central Air Conditioning Maintenance

If you live in New York, which has blazing hot summers and bitterly cold winters, it can be extremely uncomfortable if your house is not kept at the correct temperature. Regular central air conditioning maintenance is vital to ensure that your air conditioner operates effectively all year. Defective or dirty air conditioning components affect your system’s operating efficiency and increase operating costs. For example, air conditioning coils should be kept clean. Otherwise, the system will keep running for too long.

Change Out Dirty Filters

Another key maintenance task to ensure that your central air conditioner runs smoothly is to regularly clean or replace its filters. Dirty, blocked filters clog the normal flow of air and hinder a system’s efficiency considerably. Once this happens, air passing through the filters often carries dirt into the system’s evaporator coil, which prevents the coil from absorbing heat properly. Installing clean filters to replace your blocked, dirty filters can reduce your system’s energy consumption by up to 15%.

Call A Trained HVAC Technician

It is always best to hire a professional to perform these maintenance tasks. A company like Folkes Home Services will be able to check vital components, such as your system’s refrigerant levels. A trained technician will tighten any loose connections on your system and lubricate any moving parts. Also, a technician can carry out a working cycle check on your equipment to ensure that all components are operating safely.

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Air Conditioning Maintenance, Installations, & Replacements!

Folkes has served the region for almost two decades. The company can perform both duct and ductless air conditioner installations, central AC maintenance, air handler installations, existing system replacements, and service on all residential cooling systems.

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