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People are facing a blizzard of holiday gatherings. In addition, they may be facing actual blizzards, which can hit with little warning. Unfortunately, sometimes the heating system decides to act up at the worst possible time, in the middle of one of these winter storms. Folkes Home Services understands this situation and offers emergency heating service repair to residents.

No Heat Coming From Furnace

In December, nothing is worse than waking up to a stone-cold home on a Sunday morning. The furnace may be running but is only blowing out cold air. On the other hand, the blower may not be working. Worse, the smell of gas may be in the air. These problems are certainly made worse if a gaggle of relatives is on the way, expecting to dive into a delicious turkey or ham. Residents who find themselves in this position do not need to panic. They can simply call Folkes Home Services for help. They offer emergency service 24/7, including holidays. A heating issue should not ruin the festivities for anyone when emergency service repairs are available.

#1 Heating Repair and Installation Services Near You

Folkes Home Services has a great selection of  heating units creating a home of pure comfort. Here at Folkes Home Services And Cooling, we have years of experience in the business. If you take our experience, as well as our certified repair and installation staff – you get one of the best contractors in the business.

At Folkes, we are all about making our customers comfortable. The problem is you shouldn’t have to break the bank just to stay warm in your own home. If you need emergency services or if you simply need an installation, call us. No one should let a balky furnace ruin the happiest season of the year. Let Folkes keep the heat on this year’s holidays.


Need Your Heater Or Heat Pump Repaired? Call Our Team!

As a homeowner you know it is critical to have a warm home in the winter. You know just how cold it can be in the winter and what the cold can do to your house if it’s not properly heated. At Folkes we are ready to take on your residential heating needs with our expert heater and heat-pump repair team. We also offer the energy-efficient Heat Pump solutions for your home. Our expert technicians are available to repair, install or maintain your equipment.

Furnace Repair in Fishkill, Hudson Valley, NY, and Surrounding Areas

Furnace RepairSo you need a furnace repair?  A heating system breakdown during the cold weather in the Hudson Valley NY can be an extremely stressful situation for you and your family. Please feel free to call us with your concerns, but first, here are a few tips for our friends and customers in Wappingers Falls, Fishkill, Poughkeepsie, Beacon and the surrounding Hudson Valley NY to look for.

Is the Emergency Switch on the top of the switch turned off?  It sounds silly, but many of our customers in the Wappingers Falls and Hudson Valley area have had this happen to them. A child or family member may have hit the switch thinking it was the light switch.  Always check the Emergency Switch first!

Maybe you don’t really need a furnace repair?  Check these things out.  If you have an oil system, do you have oil in your tank?  It may sound obvious and silly, but many of our customers in the Wappingers Falls and Hudson Valley area that call for a furnace repair have had this happen to them.  We arrive with the intention of doing a furnace repair s and find out the customer may have just run out of oil.  A quick tip to remember is to never let your tank run below 1/4 full.  Running out of oil can cause other problems. Many Wappingers Falls, Fishkill, Beacon and Poughkeepsie customers have had to have their oil systems primed after running out of oil.  Issues such as the system getting air bound can occur when you run out of oil. One simple way to avoid this problem, is to  always make sure you have oil.  We have found that even automatic delivery isn’t a perfect system.  It lulls you into a false sense of confidence that you always have oil.  Remember to take a look for yourself, especially in colder weather when you use more oil than normal.  Winters in the Hudson Valley can really make a homeowner run through a lot of oil in one season.

Have you had your annual furnace tune- up? Regular maintenance by a professional can help prevent untimely breakdowns by looking over and cleaning most common areas of concern.  But, remember, when you have no heat, you want to know you have a trained professional that you can rely on to give you the WOW Service you deserve.  Folkes Home Services, Cooling and Burner Service is that company!   Our mission is to exceed your expections 100% of the time.  We want to be your service company for life.

When you wake, or when it’s late.  Folkes Home Services, Cooling and Boiler Service offers you 24 hour emergency service. (845) 200-3169 (HEAT).

In the Hudson Valley, whether it be Wappinger Falls, Beacon, Carmel, Fishkill, Lagrangeville or Poughkeepsie, when you call Folkes Home Services, Cooling and Burner Service, one of our uniformed, trained experts will come get your heat back up and running quickly.  We are available to schedule your appointment.  We have staff in the office from 8AM to 6PM and we have 24/7 response to your Emergency phone calls.  Don’t suffer in silence, call the Good FOLKES People!  (845) 200-3169 (HEAT).

Experience the Folkes Home Services, Cooling and Burner Service difference:

  • Extended Service Hours with regular service and appointments scheduled from 8AM to 8PM at the same rate.
  • Same day Emergency Service
  • 3 Year Warranty on most Service Parts
  • Respect for your Home and Property
  • Fully Stocked Service Trucks
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Check out our rave reviews on Google and on Reviewbuzz.com.  See what our happy customers from all over the Wappingers Falls and the Hudson Valley area are saying about us!

Your Family.

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Your Comfort.

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“We’re the Good FOLKES People!”

For furnace repair in the Fishkill & Hudson Valley, NY areas, contact Folkes Home Services & Cooling!

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