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Furnaces Fundamentals

Folkes Home Services, Cooling, Burner Services , we are the only company to call when your furnace is acting up. Keeping the community in the Hudson Valley region comfortable through the Winter.

Why Choose Us

We truly have a sincere care for you, our extended family.

Our staff are driven by the need to service our customers to utter perfection and allow all our customers to leave with a feeling of satisfaction and gratification. Our  helpful and capable  staff are on call to ensure that you are never uncomfortable.

Our obligation free quotations are a major draw card and that, coupled with our free, interesting, and useful advice makes us an unbeatable team. Our quotation are the no frill kind that offer you direct and straight to the point explanations and pricings.

Our Heating Services on Offer

Heating systems are not simple set ups and require a number of parts to work together in perfect unison in order to keep the system running efficiently. Heat on demand is a luxury and one that we need to appreciate and care for if you want the system to continue serving you as you expect.

We offer installation services for heating systems  which are undertaken by our skilled technicians. Our consultants will ensure that you understand every step of the process and comprehend what we are actually doing. We will explain the need for regular maintenance and explain to you how you can do your part to keep your heating system running efficiently for the longest possible period.

Furnaces are a popular choice for a heating source. They are easily obtainable and reasonable prices. If installed correctly, there is no reason that your furnace shouldn’t last as long as 10 – 15 years. Keep the system well maintained and undertake minor wear and tear repairs to keep more serious repairs at bay.

Our furnace tune up Beacon provides the required maintenance to keep your furnace in tip top shape. The last thing you want to experience in flipping the switch and the air that flows out is anything but warm. Maintenance is key in prolonging the life of your furnace and ensuring that it works when you need it most. In some instances an old out dated system may be better off if replaced by a newer, more cost-effective unit that is energy efficient and perfectly suited to your needs.

Call Folkes today, install a furnace that will provide you with the warmth you need, when you need it. (845) 200-3169.

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