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Heating Service RepairRight now, people are facing a blizzard of holiday gatherings. In addition, they may be facing actual blizzards, which can hit with little warning. Unfortunately, sometimes the heating system decides to act up at the worst possible time, in the middle of one of these winter storms. Folkes Home Services, Cooling, and Burner Service understands this situation and offers emergency heating service repair to residents.

No Heat Coming From Furnace

In December, nothing is worse than waking up to a stone-cold home on a Sunday morning. The furnace may be running but is only blowing out cold air. On the other hand, the blower may not be working. Worse, the smell of gas may be in the air. These problems are certainly made worse if a gaggle of relatives is on the way, expecting to dive into a delicious turkey or ham. Residents who find themselves in this position do not need to panic. They can simply call Folkes Home Services for help. They offer emergency service 24/7, including holidays. A heating issue should not ruin the festivities for anyone when emergency service repairs are available.

Heating Services

Folkes provides a number of heating services. For instance, they can professionally install a new furnace, heat pump, or boiler for homeowners that can ensure a warm and comfortable home during the coldest winters. Also, they offer annual tune-ups, basic system maintenance, and gas piping. They are a full-service shop staffed by highly trained professionals. For those building new homes, Folkes can install the latest and most efficient heating and cooling systems.

Contact Heating Specialists

Residents should call 845-896-4328 today if you need emergency services or if you simply need a system checkup. For more information, you can contact us. No one should let a balky furnace ruin the happiest season of the year. Let Folkes keep the heat on this year’s holidays.

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