No Heat At Home? Here’s What To Do!

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Winter in Poughkeepsie, NY, can be unforgiving, and a reliable heating system isn’t just a convenience—it’s a necessity. At Folkes Home Services, we understand the urgency when your home suddenly feels more like a freezer than a warm refuge.

Whether you’re dealing with a boiler, or an oil or gas furnace in Poughkeepsie, here’s a straightforward, professional guide on what to do if you find yourself without heat.

Read through the steps below and don’t hesitate to reach out to the Poughkeepsie heating experts at Folkes if you have any questions, or need help!

No Heat: For Oil Furnaces

  1. Check Your Thermostat Settings: Ensure the temperature control is set above the current room temperature. Your system switch should be on the HEAT or AUTO position, with the fan switch on ON for continuous airflow or AUTO for operation only when the furnace runs.
  2. Maximize the Thermostat: Try to jumpstart your furnace by turning the thermostat to its highest temperature setting.
  3. Air Flow Concerns: A significant decrease in air flow from your registers could mean your air filter is clogged. Check and replace it if it’s too dirty.
  4. Inspect Registers: Ensure all air registers are open and free from obstructions.
  5. Power and Fuel Checks: Look at the power disconnect switch by the furnace and check your electrical panel for any tripped fuses or breakers. Don’t forget to verify you have enough fuel oil.
  6. Professional Help: If you’ve run through these steps and still find yourself shivering, it’s time to call in the experts from Folkes Home Services.

No Heat: For Gas Furnaces

  1. Thermostat Troubleshooting: Similar to an oil furnace, confirm that your thermostat settings are correct—with the temperature set higher than the room’s current temperature and the system on HEAT or AUTO.
  2. Attempt a Restart: Encourage the furnace to turn on by setting the thermostat to its maximum temperature.
  3. Air Flow Check: A dirty air filter can severely restrict airflow. Examine and replace the filter if needed.
  4. Register and Power Inspection: Ensure all registers are open and check the power disconnect switch by the furnace.
  5. Gas Supply and Pilot Light: Verify that the gas control valve is open. For those with older systems, check if the pilot light is lit. Remember, electronic ignition systems do not have a pilot light.
  6. Need Assistance? Persistent issues mean it’s time to reach out to the professionals at Folkes Home Services.

No Heat: For Boilers

  1. Adjust Your Thermostat: First things first, check your thermostat. Make sure it’s set to a temperature higher than the current room’s temperature, with the system switch on HEAT or AUTO.
  2. Attempt to Activate the Boiler: Encourage your boiler to spring into action by turning the thermostat up to its maximum setting.
  3. Inspect Power Supply: Take a moment to look at the power disconnect switch located by the boiler. Then, verify the status of the fuse/breaker at your electrical panel specifically for the boiler.
  4. Fuel and Gas Checks: For oil boilers, ensure you have an adequate supply of fuel oil. If you have a gas boiler, check that the gas control valve is fully open.
  5. Pilot Light and Ignition: Check the pilot light, keeping in mind that boilers with electronic ignitions won’t have one. This step is crucial for ensuring your boiler is ready to ignite and provide heat.
  6. When in Doubt, Reach Out: If after these steps, warmth still eludes your home, it’s time to call the seasoned professionals at Folkes Home Services. Our team is adept at diagnosing and fixing boiler issues, ensuring your home returns to its cozy state in no time.

Why Choose Folkes Home Services?

In the heart of Poughkeepsie, Folkes Home Services stands ready to ensure your home remains warm and comfortable, no matter what winter throws your way. With a simple yet professional approach, we’re here to solve your heating problems swiftly and efficiently. Remember, when your furnace or boiler fails to keep up with the cold, don’t despair. Check these common issues first, and know that we’re just a call away for anything beyond your DIY fix!

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